December 29, 2018

Our Story: Joe & Tina

The Story of Us: Joe +Tina, Brother & Sister

I was always a little weary of fate.  Serendipidous events, always seemed a little to good to be true to me, until one night in 2015.  I'll never forget it was the night before the San Francisco Marathon.  My FIRST marathon.  My First anything major after my back accident.  I was an Ambassador for the marathon!!! I was nervous, I was stressed, I was worried, and I was all sorts of crazy, so of course I was trolling instagram at 2am.

Pacing in front of the Triton Hotel (where I was staying),.. posting pictures of the chaos outside, because they were also filming a movie, and it looked like someone tore through the streets.  It was then that Joe was ransomly on instagram also, and he liked my photo.  From there it's all kind of a fog, but I remember stepping into an elevator and we looked at each other, recognized each other and that was it... I had a brother.

Serendipity found us.

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