About Us


Our Belief

We believe that every act, no matter how "big" or "small" can change the world.  Our goal is to help other's in times of need, and in times of joy by providing an avenue that affords everyone a chance to see their impact on the world.

Our Story

On a whim, Tina Hwa traveled to Cambodia in 2016, and the affects of the trip changed her, everything.  For a few weeks after the trip, she wasn't able to get out of bed, and suffered from reverse culture shock.  The things she saw, and learned, impacted her deeply.  From those learnings, and those experiences, a feeling and a belief was born, to do what is right, by all living things, and the MI Project was born.  Read More


Meet the Team


Tina Hwa Rogers

Founder & CEO

Tina Hwa is a vegan, runner and spoonie.  She currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with her three pups.  Her friends call her Bacon, even though she would now rather pet the pigs instead of eat them.



Joseph McGibbon

Vice President

Joseph is an aside runner, and member of his location church.  On any given day he can be found running the street of NYC!  Joseph is originally from Kingston, Jamaica



Enk Wesley III, Chloe Bacon & Massimo Juan Carlo


These three amazing creatures are the love of Tina Hwa's life, and her whole heart.

Massimo Juan Carlo, Enk Wesley III, Chloe Bacon


Next Steps...

Thinking about your Impact on the world, and want to join our team or have an idea on the next place we should impact?  Give us a shout!