Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I donate?

Physical in kind donations can be made in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Please contact us via email to set up a time for pick up or drop off.

Monetary Donations can be make via the Impact Project page, by choosing a project that speaks to you.  You may also donate by visiting our donations page and selecting the denomination you'd like to donate

Where does the money we donate go?

100% of all monies goes to the villagers, and children at local orphanages we work with.  The MI Project has a commitment to support 2 (two) orphanages and 1(one) home for the aged at this time, so a good deal of the monies raised goes straight to housing, feeding and clothing those children.

At no time, does any money donated or fundraised go to a salary or travel.  The MI Project is a passion project, and as of this moment, we do not take any monies for ourselves, nor do we ever plan to.

How do you bring donations abroad?

Often times, physical donations aren't safe to mail, so we physically carry them across the country to the places they need to go.