June 10, 2019

City of Refuge: Kingston, Jamaica

In March 2019, The MI Project took a trip to visit the city of Kingston, Jamaica.  Our goal was to visit a home for the aged, and bring donations they had asked for to help the elderly folks who live here, and to visit the City of Refuge Children’s Home, an orphanage. We choose Kingston, […]

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December 29, 2018

Our Story: Joe & Tina

The Story of Us: Joe +Tina, Brother & Sister I was always a little weary of fate.  Serendipidous events, always seemed a little to good to be true to me, until one night in 2015.  I’ll never forget it was the night before the San Francisco Marathon.  My FIRST marathon.  My First anything major after […]

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October 22, 2018

Impact Project #1

The goal of The Make an Impact Project,  The M.I. Project, is to affect change within the country of Cambodia, their remote villages and their orphanages.  Our immediate goal is to provide goods (clothing, school supplies, basic hygiene supplies, toys, etc) to the villagers and orphanages within the country. Our secondary goal is to provide […]

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